Douglas Antiques & Collectibles

July 9th, 2016 - 9:00AM

Kidron Auction Grounds, Sprunger Building (13071 Emerson Road, Kidron)

Antique Tools: Barn beam drills w/ auger, wall mount drill press, 2 buck saws w/ original paint, axes including 1 goosewing axe, A.J. Nellin beam grabber Pittsburgh PA, foot powered iron flywheel, collection of T-handle augers ¼” through 2½”, log markers, bull leads, Dr. Rinehart’s Hog Holder, railroad car mover, collection of blacksmithing tools, egg scales, baskets and carriers, wooden shovels, forks and rakes, box lots of various small tools.

Antique Agriculture/Hay Items: Multitude of hay trolleys, Boomer hay trolley, Cloverleaf hay trolley with stand, 1866 Spiral Hay Harpoon (very rare), hay harpoon (Rogers), Keen Kutter hay knife w/ replaceable blades, hay knives & hooks, unusual scissor hay grabber, 3-screen seed corn sorters, corn planters, Enterprise 1909 grain grinder, Red Chief box type grain grinder, a large variety of corn shellers, shock ties, fence stretchers, sack fillers.

Stoneware/Glassware: Yellow Citron Lightning jar, red & blue & brown Lightning jars (1/2 pint to 1/2 gallon), Mousetrap jar, Minnow Trap jar, Ball #13 Perfect Mason jars, The Hero, The Marion Jar, Atlas jars, Roseville 3-gallon crock, Goodwills bed & foot warmer, ice buckets, wooden and crock upright churns and jugs, glass and pottery stoneware including soda & beer bottles, inkwells, ink bottles, glass bottles, Smith Dairy soda and baby bottles, etc., approx. 80 glass and pottery Ball, Mason and Lightning jars from pints to half-gallons, including clear, blue, green, cobalt, amber, & amethyst jars.

Victorian Parlor Gas Heaters: 3 – Quad, Estate, and Economy Victorian Parlor gas stoves. Mini pot belly stove, wood/coal water heater.

Houseware/Butchering Items: 4 – Enterprise Sausage stuffers, Wooden Sausage Press, 3-leg hand crank lard press, large copper kettle and spider, Sharples cream separator, GEM water pump, candy thermometer, ice scrapers, pitcher pumps, washboards & plungers, ear corn dryers, wooden buckets, cheese box, bed warmers, wash wringers and wash stands, brass oil lamps, including tall Lincoln drape lamp, coffee grinders, cherry pitters, apple peelers, butter churns.

Misc. Antiques & Collectables: Very nice 1800s Eagle bell (Lebanon, PA), two complete 1908 one-room school houses (professionally dismantled) consisting of a 20’ blackboard with 2 bookcases on each end on the front with the backside being a cloakroom; this also includes all the oak baseboards and chair rails. Schoolrooms are out of the old Oak Street School in Orrville. 20+ one-room schoolhouse desks, great collection of washboards of all sizes, bucket clothe wash plunger, White Mountain ice cream freezer, Pueblo water jar/leather canteen, collapsible water bucket, wooden pulleys, platform scale, advertising items (tins & signs), De Laval collectible calves and cows and signs.

Note: this is only a partial listing of items for this auction! Tommy was a lifelong collector of all things antique and has a great selection of quality antiques to choose from.

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